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ORAL MAX - Tongue Cleaner

ORAL MAX - Tongue Cleaner

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Bad breath can come from bacterial coatings on the tongue, in the tongue fissures, as well in the interdental spaces. Millions of bacteria and other deposits accumalate on the tongue and cause bad breath. Scrape your tongue gently once a day with Oral Max's Tongue Cleaner to easily remove these unwanted particles from the surface of your tongue.

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Did you know your tongue is responsible for 90% of bad breath?

The tongue can harbor millions of bacteria., while some are good for our health millions of them are extremely harmful to our health. These bacteria not only harm our health but are a primary cause of bad breath and simply using a toothbrush is not enough.

  • 👅Clean your Tongue

    That white layer that forms on your tongue is often referred to as "tongue coating" or "tongue plaque." It is a common occurrence and is primarily composed of bacteria, food particles, dead cells, and debris that accumulate on the surface of the tongue (we know "YUCKK🤮"). 90% of bad breath is caused due to this layer, and our tongue cleaner can help remove it!

  • 🥴Get rid of Bad Breath

    The Oral Max Tongue Cleaner is amazingly successful at removing odor causing tongue plaque. It has a two sides, a silicone side which helps scrape of bacterial layer on the tongue and a plastic side with grooves which help remove unwanted deposits deep in the tongue fissures. Its effect can be seen and smelled. Success from the first time you use it.

  • 😋Revitalize your Taste Buds

    Just imagine how better food would taste after you remove all this debris and bacteria that has infested your tongue. As you remove the layer that covers your taste receptors you will experience a heightened sense of taste.

More reasons to Choose us!

Do we need this if we brush our Tongue?

Yes, you still need this! simply brushing your tongue does not remove a lot of the bacteria and debris that is harmful. A brush will not be as effective and will only move around the bacteria on your tongue unlike a tongue cleaner which will scrape of the harmful agents.

Why should we not use a mouth wash?

Mouth wash are beneficial but they can cause several problems, such as dry mouth or sensitivity. In some cases mouth wash also kill the beneficial bacteria which can have a negative impact on your health.

A tongue cleaner does not cause any of the above issues and in fact it is more economical.

How long do we have to use Oral Max's Tongue Cleaner?

You only have to use the Oral Max's Tongue cleaner for 20-30 seconds before you brush our teeth. Make sure you only apply a small amount of pressure.

When will you see results?

You will see and smell the difference instantly after use, yes from the first time you use our tongue cleaner you will smell the difference!

So what are you waiting for get your Tongue Cleaner Now!

Still can't Decide?

Then just have a look at our customer reviews!

Don't take our word let their results speak for themselves. Scroll down and have a read.

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Hassan Abbas

Very good

Sooraj Khurram

ORAL MAX - Tongue Cleaner

Raheel Malik
Excellent product

Highly recommended and it's very effective.

Sila Muhammed
Best product to purchase!

It's really really good 💯
Clean your tongue very perfectly
Highly recommended for viewers!

Thank you #oralMAX

hania butt

It’s really good tongue cleaner i like it 😊